Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Some Flashback

24th Jan 2011
Having tummy pain since 3am in da morning and it is within 5minutes.Thought it was false alarm but still it gets stronger till 7am in da morning, I didn't sleep at all since 3am so decided to go to Hospital Ampang(gov hosp). Reached there around 8am++ and I think I was the 1st patient. The doctor checked me, took the CTG and told me to go home cause still no opening. OK, so home we go.
Reached home and then i slept zzzzzzzzzzz and suddenly my tummy started to hurt again but not very much. Woke up to go to the toilet and suddenly i started to panic a bit because there's blood at my pantyliners and I'm not talking bout spots of it but is full of blood. So, I woke my hubby and showed him the blood ad off we go to Hospital Ampang again. This time the service there really sucks. I went to the counter and told the nurses bout the blood and she said it is because of the VE that the doctor did in da morning. After i explained that it was not spots of blood but a lot only they took me seriously and ask me to go to the examination room so that the doctor will check me.
So, came the doctor and she checked me and said still no opening. I told her bout the blood and she still doesnt believe me as if i was making up stories. And then the midwife came and check to timed my contraction while waiting for the Senior Doctor to check me. As I was in the examination room I heard the doctors said 'Dia yang dtg pagi tadi tu, lepas dia dtg terus ramai patient'. Like WTF la pisses me off. Still i lay down patiently waiting for the so called Senior Doctor to check me. She came, check my opening and said still no opening. I told her bout the blood and she said while showing me the blood 'Ini tanda je, ada patient keluar tanda darah mcm ni mgu depan baru bersalin'. Still I was worried because the amount of blood that came out at home is a lot. So I told her bout my previous experience being induced but still no opening. And you know what that Doc said to me 'Ha, yelah yelah. Kalau nak kena tahan wad sgt tahan lah'. She spoke out loud ok and everyone heard it. I was so annoyed by the way she talked to me.So unprofessional. Who does she thinks she is? Just some doctorssss....Bodoh tau.Sakit hati aku. Macam lah aku tak tau sakit macam mana baru nak dtg hospital kan.
Then after she left i went to the toilet and cried coz i was so pissed off. I went out of the toilet and told the other doctor that i dont want to be warded. When i went out of the examination room i saw my parents already there. I told the nurse at the reception that i dont need to be warded. Then my parents, hubby and i went to Pelita to have lunch. On the way there I told my hubby what happened in the Examination Room and told him what the doctor told me.
Oh, I forgot to tell u olls when i want to go back...the nurse at the reception told me this 'kalau sakit setiap 5minit dtg hospital'. Dalam hati aku dah menyumpah2 dah. Sebab sakit setiap 5 minit ni lah aku dtg hospital.
Then at Pelita, my hubby told my parents what happened back there at the hospital. My father just geleng kepala dgn attitude doctor ni. Huh... And I had my lunch while enduring the pain ok... Sakit hati punya pasal makan laaaaa. Then balik rumah.



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