Monday, December 27, 2010

Long Weekends....

Morning u ollss....

Today is Monday already...How I wish it would be a longgg holiday....huhu~
So not in da mood to work nowadays. Is it because of my pregnancy? Well, you can say most probably it is.hahaha...
Took an Annual Leave last Friday because it is suppose to be a 'Family day' at Rayyan's Nursery but they postponed it. So, just continue with the leave la kan.. hehehe :)
Hubby and I went to KLCC to eat CHILIS...hahahaha(Rayyan anta nursery gaks...hik3)...before my confinement time better Makan puas puas walaupun berat badan ku ini mencanak2 naik kan. But what to do, even i took simple meal also i still gain lots of weights especially during this final trimester.
Today u arrived early in da office...around 7.50am...hahaha, finally i managed to come early. This is also just because my hubby working hour starts at 8am, so he has to send me early to the LRT station. And yup, i still took the LRT...gagah tau Mak Buyung ni..hahahaha we bought some cloths for this coming baby(I hope it will be very soon) at MotherCare. Quite cheap la than the usual price, ada sale 30%. Kalau usual price tu nak beli kena fikir 10 kali. Itu anak 1st, anak 2nd maybe kena fikir 20kali kot...:)
The 'Family Day' at Rayyan's nursery is postponed to 29th Jan 2011. So sad coz most probably I cannot attend it. Mesti masa tu dah dalam confinement kan. :(
Kali ni berazam nak pantang betul2, nak kuruskan badan yang bagai di pam2 ini.
Wish me luck u olls.