Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day of Working Year 2011

It’s the first working day for year 2011 but I feel so de-motivated. Firstly because the office is a bit empty coz many of my colleague is taking their Annual Leave to send their kids to school and also because I am heavily pregnant. I will be 38 weeks pregnant soon. How I wish times flies faster than now. So not comfortable during these final weeks with the back-ache, the tummy hardens every now and then, trips to the toilet is very often (esp during nights) and many more.

Today Rayyan cried when we send him to Nursery. He’s very close with his Papa nowadays. Maybe he pitied his Mama nowadays. It’s a good thing also coz I can’t barely take care of him properly nowadays (he likes to be carried and I can’t bear to carry him anymore nowadays). Don’t know how he will react once his lil brother (InsyaAllah) is born. I hope he can be a good big brother and show good example. Hopefully I can give normal delivery this time. Praying for the best. :)

Happy New Year to All and hopefully this year will be better than the last one…..

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NADIYA said...

Hi Awan...rindu we alls eh...hehehe. Dun worry...I'll be back tomorrow!

You take care and have a good rest k!