Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ala...tak berjaya lak

huhu~ Result cutest baby pose contest tu dah keluar dan nampaknye Rayyan tak berjaya merangkul hadiah walaupun saguhati..huhu~. Takpelah Rayyan ek, nanti kita masuk contest lagi ek..
Just a short entry this time. I dont have any idea on what to blog nowadays. Maybe coz workload bertambah sikit these past few days coz my hubby outstation for 2 weeks and i have to take care of my lil Rayyan all by myself. Penat jugak la berkejar-kejar balik kerja hari-hari.
And when my hubby is not around, i dont get to exercise like i used too. I used to walk from the Putra station to Rayyan nursery and will meet hubby over there normally. And when i dont get to exercise regularly it seems like my appetite to eat is increasing. This is so not good, i should have have the will power to overcome this or else all the diet i did for the past 2 months is wasted. Hopefully i can control it, doakan semoga saya berjaya sehingga mendapatkan berat ideal dan maintain yer u olls....

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